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PlayStation Plus Card 365 Days (FR)

PlayStation Plus Card 365 Days (FR) is an offer you shouldn’t just slip by! 365 days of PS Plus membership means that you’ll get to enjoy everything that the PSN can offer for a whole 12 months period, and once you know what’s actually in it for you, no further questions will come up! So, get ready for a beefy introduction, PS Plus membership offers tons of services which you couldn’t get otherwise!

While PlayStation Network in its very nature comes as a free of charge service, it has numerous features only accessible via the PS Plus membership. Buy PlayStation Plus Card 365 Days and receive two free games every month, if you’d count the total amount – that’s 24 free games per year! And these free games often consist of some of the most popular, interesting, and awesome titles on the market.

And that’s just the beginning of what still awaits! Along with your free games, PS Plus membership will also grant you access to bring your gaming experience online! Play your games together with millions of players across the world, enjoy a well-developed and balanced match-making system and get to boost your skills against the finest of the finest!

With PlayStation Plus Card 365 Days subscription, you’ll also get to participate in multiple beta tests of the newest upcoming games, as well as receive a ton of exclusive discounts that will make your gaming purchases a much more pleasant activity! Don’t wait any longer, get the full PSN content, enjoy all its features, and share your experience with everyone around. PS Plus subscription is what you deserve.